• Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Bi-xenon Projectors 2
    Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Bi-xenon Projectors 2



    With an all-new wider and multifaceted reflector and bowl new optics pumping out the light; the ultra popular Morimoto Mini H1 projectors perform better, install easier, cost less, and fit a wider applications than ever. More

    Game Over: Morimoto has always been the benchmark when it came to the Mini H1…But no matter how many imitations popped up over the years, they just couldn’t compare, and now it’s most certainly too late to catch up. The 7.0 represents the most massive overhaul in Mini H1 history.

    Lucky #7: Let’s keep it simple and make a list of everything new about the 7.0. The optically clear lens. The 7-signed metal lens holder. The side-push bi-xenon solenoid mechanism. The die-cast radically curved cutoff shield. The foreground limiter. The reflector bowl. The IR, high-temp resistant reflector finish. The threaded shaft and it’s precision and added length. The results! The beam is wider. The distribution of light more proper. Your ability to see is better.

    Easy to Install: Now even easier to install with a longer threaded shaft compared to the 6.0! Their amazing ease of installation relative to the amount of performance they produce makes them our most popular projector. Simply remove headlight lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, hand-tighten, check rotation, tighten, and re-seal headlights. Minimal cutting involved. (if any!) Check out the Installation Procedure

    Performance Shootout: With the most modern optics, an optically clear lens, and their curved cutoff shield; The 7.0 will outshine almost every OEM HID projector on the market and go head to head with the legendary S2000 projectors! (which cost 3x as much, are much harder to retrofit, and don’t even have a high beam) Their wide, uniformly lit low beam stays intense all the way to the outer limits. Their bi-xenon high beam provides an insane amount of additonal light on demand.

    Standard Equipped: With your choice of either Mini Gatling Gun or Mini Graphite shrouds to keep things compact and easy to assemble. Full size shrouds are also compatible with the Mini’s using the centric rings.

    User-Approved: By satisfied enthusiasts with all kinds of cars and trucks. With a quick and easy search we pulled up install examples (1,2,3,4,5) of the previous gen Morimoto Mini H1 Projectors! If you’re looking for inspiration for your retrofit, keep reading!

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    5.00 out of 5
    From: $185.00
  • morimoto_mini_d2s_4



    ONE TWO THREE: Four! Truth be told, for a bunch of headlight nerds: We could not imagine a more perfect projector. The all-new Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 Bi-xenon takes the cake in every category. More

    A supreme low beam. A High beam so bright it's unholy. A cutoff line that can't get any sharper. Quality that nobody can question, and an undeniable ease of installation. If we died and went to headlight heaven, this thing would be greeting us at the gate.

    LEGENDARY: When Morimoto's Mini D2S 3.0 came out in 2013, it changed the game. When the Mini H1 7.0 launched in 2015, it changed the game. The Mini D2S 4.0 carries on the tradition – and why? Not only does it make the 3.0 look like an old dinosaur…but because it's powered by D2S bulbs; it's capable of taking the awesome optics developed for the H1 7.0 to a whole new level.

    OUTPUT: We'll just start with the hotspot. It's brighter than any bi-xenon projector we've tested…in fact, it's so bright that it exceeds the maximum amount of intensity allowed by DOT even at 35W. (because #regulations) The beam pattern is extremely wide and flat, with none of the bowing found on the 3.0…all thanks to the beauty in the center of this beast: it's curved cutoff shield. The Kuria Optic clear lens helps produce plenty of color flicker, but also a razor sharo cutoff line that eliminates all glare to oncoming traffic. Last but not least, the high beam. Shaped by the secondary cutoff shield, there's plenty of light reserved for use here to penetrate for hundreds of meters at night.

    PHYSICALLY SPEAKING: Output isn't the only thing the 4.0 gets praise for. It's clear they've paid a lot of attention to the physical attributes too. The threaded shaft is longer than before, making it easier to install, and it's threads are silky smooth (near impossible to strip). The bi-xenon solenoid mechanism has next to no slack, and thankfully this time, the solenoid input actually plug into the back of the projector. The black lens holder gets the cool “4” cut out too! OEM Quality, aftermarket performance. We like it!

    EASY TO INSTALL: Picking out a projector always meant striking a balance between a) how much light output you wanted, and 2) how much time and effort you were willing to afford to get it done. The Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 sacrifices nothing in the light output department while remaining amazingly easy to install. Unfortunately for big ass bi-xenon projectors like the Acura TL, Murano, or FX-R; there's really no reason to cut, trim, and JB Weld the hell out of everything just to achieve output nirvana, and it probably wont be long until they find a new home in our closeout category.

    INSTALLATION SUMMARY:On a H4-based headlight reflector for example…Remove the headlight lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, add the alignment plate, tightne the lock ring, and re-seal the headlights. For other applications, minimal cutting will probably be involved but you'll find the results well worth it!

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    5.00 out of 5
    From: $200.00
  • FX-R Bi-xenon Projectors 1
    FX-R Bi-xenon Projectors 1



    The FX-R 3.0 is a retrofitters delight with its high precision castings, advanced optics, and the standard 3″ Optical clear lens. It all adds up to put the Morimoto FX-R 3.0 near the top of the lighting totem poll.More

    Well-Rounded: When you consider a full size projector on the basis of light output, out of the box readiness, fitment in most applications, and value; the FX-R easily takes the cake.

    Easy to Install: Amazing ease of installation relative to the amount of performance they produce; no D2S-based projector can really compare. They produce a very wide beam pattern with a perfect distribution of light and top it off with a supremely sharp cutoff that will blow your mind. We’re gonna go ahead and say not many projectors will out-shine the D2S 3.0 on the road and to be honest, FX-R sales have on the decline since these launched.

    Installation Summary: Park car, mark stock beam-height on wall, disassemble headlight, cut original reflector to fit projector in place, re-mount modified headlights without lens cover, illuminate projector, then tack it into place using the reference height/level using epoxy gum.

    Performance Highlights: More light! With a pre-installed clear lens and DOT stepped cutoff shield that’s been tuned in-house, the FX-R 3.0 is a stand out. Their advanced internal optics create a wide beam pattern with a uniform distribution of light that cuts through darkness like a laser. They have one of the straightest, sharpest, and most vibrantly colored cutoff lines of any projector in existence and a high beam that will penetrate for hundreds of yards.

    Tuned Up: Each Morimoto projector is individually tested and hand-tuned to perfection to ensure nothing but the best output.

    Contact us: Vikom is trusted by customers in Australia, so we invite you to Contact Us today with your questions, or even a wholesale inquiry: we are here to help!

    5.00 out of 5
    From: $140.00
  • g-2



    Need a budget retrofit projector headlight? These standard version of the well-known Mini H1 projectors would be a good choice for you.More


    Just like all selling on Ebay, Alibaba, or Amazon, having some fancy way of describing the “Generic”. If it ain't Morimoto / Vikom, it is literally the same thing, so take from us. If you are look for a budget bi-xenon retrofit: the standard old version of the classic Mini H1 is your good option.

    These projectors are factory-direct and do not receive our proprietary in-house tuning process. However, their pre-installed optically clear lens should give them a nice sharp and colorful cutoff line and good output.

    The H1 Bi-xenons are low and high beam capable, are made for use with H1 HID bulbs, and are directly compatible with cars that originally came with H7 and H4 headlights (no modification required)

    Your choice to add shrouds to the package, either 2.5″ mini Gatling or 3″ full sized design. Please note: Centric rings are recommended for all except Mini Gatling. 

    We will always make our best effort to accurately describe an item, but please note that all “closeout” parts are not guaranteed in any way and all sales are final.

    5.00 out of 5