Years ago there were no formal source for retrofitting parts in Australia. You can only get the high-end components from the US or Europ, paying for unavoidable high postage fees waiting for a month for your desperately needed parts. How about the product exchange? need to wait for the other months for the right parts. Decided to not getting from overseas? Purchased a cheap kit off from local retailer with no guarantees on internal or working conditions, you will be spending more as a result. How if you want a purely OEM upgrade with Osram / Phlips Bulbs, Denso / Matsushita Ballasts and OEM projectors? some original parts can’t even found locally.

And therefore, we are here to become a complementary source for local customers. Vikom was born in January of 2014, and affiliated with Morimoto / TRS in early 2015. Our goal is to upgrade your headlight offering OEM like performance but aftermarket budget. All retrofitting components were designed and manufactured exclusively, they are classy but solid.

Other than the sales of products, we also provide retrofit service to customers. Our team offers headlight upgrade service including HID projector retrofits, Custom printed inner headlight housings, Angel eyes, etc. We will always work hard to archive your retrofit goals. Contact us today to get your quote.

We guarantee the provision of outstanding products, headlight service, and a killer customer service. Remember when you can see further driving safely on a dark road at night, you will be glad that you have a neighbor call Vikom in Australia.

Huge Thanks to all for your support and trust!

Best regards,

Vincent Weng @ Vikom

IMPORTANT NOTES: By dealing with Vikom, you hereby agree to terms and conditions. Use of products sold through Vikom is at the customer’s own risk. Proper installation and proper use of all products must be followed for safety and performance. Vikom is not responsible for improper use, alternations, and installation of any products or services. All products sold and manufactured by Vikom are for off-road use only.


Return/Refund policy
You are responsible for returning the product, unless the cost of doing so is significant. Vikom does not accept returns on open-box HID bulbs or any items in our Closeouts section. Other parts may be returned if they are in like-new condition with their original packaging. All product returns must be made within 30 days . We are not responsible for return postage unless the return is required due to our mistake, in which case we will send a pre-paid shipping label. If your returned part(s) cannot be restocked as “new” we reserve right to deny the Refund or apply only a partial refundable credit (no more than 20% reduction in value.) Retrofit services are not returnable or refundable.

Exchange policy
Parts may be exchanged if they are in like-new condition with their original unopened packaging for credit towards anything else in-stock. Please note: no Products from our “Closeouts” section can be exchanged. Exchange much be made within 30 days of the original purchase date. If your returned part(s) cannot be restocked as “new” we reserve right to deny the exchange or apply only a partial credit towards your new items (no more than 20% reduction in value.)

Cancellation policy
You must email us before the order status is changed to “Complete”. Once the order status is marked as complete, the products have already left our warehouse, in this case, shipping costs are non-refundable. Discount products cannot be cancelled, they are placed based on your commitment to the purchase.


International shipping
We offer international shipping world widely. For a shipping quote, please create an account and proceed through the checkout process on our website. Before you submit an order or provide any billing information, the website will display shipping options.

Lost package
If you do not receive your package and the tracking information shows that the package has been delivered you must notify us within 21 days of the marked delivery date so that we can initiate a lost package investigation with the shipping carrier you have originally selected. Replacement products will not be sent until the shipping carrier complete the investigation request and the confirmation of lost package(s) is granted. Please note that this is the policy of the shipping carriers not of VIKOM. VIKOM does not guarantee that any packages will be credited by the shipping carrier until this process is completed. Unless you selected the extra cover option at checkout, refunds and/or replacements will not be given unless the carrier approves your lost package claim.

Extra cover for loss or damage
If you would like to fully insure your package, you must add “extra cover” on the shipping option during checkout. With insurance, you will be covered against damage, loss, or any delivery related issues. If no insurance is added, unfortunately we won’t be able to guarantee any kind of resolution. Packages will be insured by VIKOM to handle claims directly, so if you’re insured there is no waiting period for resolution.


Parts replacement Part 1
Please isolate the problem by swapping components from side to side. If you are 100% sure which component failed, you do not have to return it to us for a replacement. In order to claim the replacement warranty, you will have to send us an image with wires associated with the part cut. A new part will be organised generally within 3 business days. OEM parts must be return for warranty service. Morimoto brand parts can be warrantied without return.

Parts replacement Part 2
If in a case that your part is still partially working, we can collect a refundable deposit on a brand new replacement part, and then refund you for that deposit once the warranty image criteria is fulfilled. Please note that to be eligible for a refund on your deposit; the part must be replaced and your warranty image(s) must be sent before we can issue the refundable deposit.

Missing part(s) from order
If you find that an item is missing from your order, please help be sending us a picture of your order contents and the packing slip. If a miss part is confirmed, we wil send this missing part to you at our cost.


After service warranty
The coverage guarantees the installation of the shroud and projector, the moisture-resistance of the housings under normal conditions, the proper alignment of the projector within the housing. Customers are required to pay for the postage for returned headlight; we will be responsible for any warranty related services as well as the return shipping fee. Please note, any requests for express post will be subject to extra fee at your cost. Due to components & mounting points are varies within different applications, we can not guarantee a perfect alignment during the conversion. However, any errors are covered by this warranty, we will optimise the alignment by utilising laser guided equipment, so chance for any errors are very minor. If LED halos are added, any failures are covered by replacement parts as specified by that products normal warranty, but a $50 fee will apply for the associated labor to re-open and re-seal the housing to replace one. Some permanent prying marks will incur to the headlight housing, this can not be avoid once the headlight is opened, we are not responsible for the potential prying marks.

Condensation warranty
Condensation will possibly occur on any headlight even for headlights that have never been opened, so we can not guarantee this will not happen. VIKOM offers 1 year of the condensation warranty, we ask the customer to ship the light back to us for resealing work. Any related shipping fee will be at customers cost.

Painting warranty
VIKOM offers 1 year warranty for any painting issues of any chipping, fading, etc. Due to the nature of headlight, haze on the inner lenses can occur over time; which is not covered under any warranty. Heats from projectors will sometimes melt the surface; it’s possible that the paint becomes greasy or even bubbles, which also is not covered under warranty.

Perma-seal headlight
perma-seal headlight or a permanently sealed headlight has a special type of glue that bonds it’s back housing and front lens housing together. This will involve additional labor for the opening and removal process. This process may cause potential damage with the headlight housings; we will make every effort to avoid any risks. However, we are not responsible for potential damage or sealing issues that may occur.

You are responsible for the way the lights are protect properly during shipment. We will not take any responsibility on damage headlight during transit to our shop.